Wheat to be productive winter fine tubes

Wheat has to be high-yielding, seed is the basis, and tube is the key. Winter wheat grows from vegetative stage to wintering stage. Its fertility characteristics are mainly leaves, rooting, and pod growing. During this period, part of the nutrients produced by the plant was used for the growth of seedlings, and part of it was stored for wintering and spring returning to green growth. Pre-winter strong seedlings, developed roots, strong growth, storage of more nutrients, strong resistance, and help safe winter, spring return to early morning, high spike rate. Weak roots are sparsely populated, and there are fewer nutrients produced and stored. Wang Miao due to a large number of nutrients consumed in the growth of nutrients, nutritional reserves are also less. Both of these seedlings are not conducive to safe winter wheat, and the low rate of spikes will directly affect the yield of wheat. Therefore, wheat must be high-yield, and it is critical to do a good job of winter management.

First, the promotion of weak seedlings to strong seedlings Common weak seedlings are mainly the following situations: drought seedlings, deep seedlings, seedlings, de-fertilization seedlings, salt and alkali seedlings, fat burning seedlings, late broadcast seedlings. For deep sowing seedlings, clear ridges are to be planted, and part of the soil will be covered to make the tiller section shallower or deeper tiller, improve the ventilation condition of the soil, promote development, and make the seedlings strong; the seedlings are mainly poorly ventilated, and the roots are absorbed. Impact, plant growth is slow, should be timely cultivator loose soil, remove the compaction; defermented fertilizer seedlings in time to top-dressing watering; saline and alkaline seedlings where conditions can be large pressure alkali, and then cultivator loose soil; fat burning seedlings, mainly Due to the application of unrefined organic fertilizer or straw returned to the field, watering measures should be taken; the late sowing of seedlings is mainly due to lack of accumulated temperature before the winter, should be cultivating loose soil, increase the temperature mainly to promote its robust growth.

Second, control Wang Miao grow Wang Miao a situation is fertilizer and water conditions are good, sowing early, Mai Miao Wang long, one is the general soil fertility, due to large sowing, the basic seedlings too much, sowing too early, the temperature is too high, causing wheat seedlings The effective measures for the formation of strong seedlings and the control of Wangmiao are to suppress and deep cultivator, in order to facilitate the growth of new roots. Through these measures, it is possible to basically control the growth of the above ground, promote the growth of the underground, and at the same time, We must postpone the freezing of water.

Third, to prevent the death of seedlings Practice has proved that timely pouring of frozen water, can stabilize the temperature, can prevent the cold current on the wheat seedlings invasion, protect the wheat seedlings safe winter. Preventing drought in early spring is conducive to cultivating strong seedlings in the spring; crushing rubbish, solid soil is beneficial to the growth of wheat seedlings. For sandy lands and loamy soils, it is particularly necessary to use frozen water. Low-lying lands, clay fields, wet grounds, and late-seeding wheat fields are not suitable for pouring frozen water. In late-sowing wheat fields, frozen water is still needed if necessary, and can be flexibly controlled according to the specific circumstances. In principle, water should not be distributed in order to avoid silt seedlings, affecting growth and causing freezing damage. The time for pouring frozen water should be at the time of “freezing in the night”.

Fourth, topdressing winter fertilizer combined with frozen water topdressing winter fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer should not be too large, with 5 ~ 10 kg per mu is appropriate.

V. The suppression of winter suppression in winter has the effect of keeping squatting, freezing, and crushing slag. For the low-yield fields, winter repression should be carried out. However, due to returning to alkali after repression in the saline-alkaline land, sand lands are suppressed after repression. Therefore, no repression will occur in the alkali land and sandy land.

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