Starry flower cultivation techniques

The star flower is a genus of the genus Rubiaceae, and the Kaleidoscope is a tall, early-maturing variety with a compact and full plant shape. The potted plants are small, but grow strong and strong after they are removed from the flower beds or large containers. The branches are long and dense. Big, bright, hot and sunny environment. The colors are apple blossom, magenta, thick red, light violet, dark rose, pink and mixed colors. The Graffiti plant is about 30 cm tall. It has a large flower and a long flowering period. It is suitable for planting in gardens, windowsills and flower beds. It enjoys a sunny and warm cultivation environment. The colors are bright red, purple blue, lipstick, pink, red white, rose, purple, white and mixed colors. 'New Look' plant height 20 cm to 25 cm, compact plant shape, good branching, plant shorter. Inflorescences are large and dense, with stems ranging from 6 cm to 8 cm, and can be flowered on an annual basis without the use of growth regulators. The variety is relatively heat-resistant and drought-tolerant and is widely used in pot plants. The colors are pink, red, rose, purple, white and mixed colors.

Plug seedlings

Radial germination stage temperature is 23 °C to 26 °C, 10 to 14 days can sprout. The matrix has to maintain a low EC value with a pH of 5.8 to 7.5. Seeds germinate and require no light. Light supplements are recommended in winter and spring to keep the soil slightly moist but not too moist. Avoid direct sunlight after sowing and shading should be performed properly. If the temperature is lower than 16°C, it will affect the germination and growth of the seeds.

Cotyledons appear and grow about 7 to 10 days. The temperature should be kept between 20°C and 22°C. Humidity of the cultivation substrate should be properly reduced, but the plug tray should not be too dry. At this stage, roots are particularly sensitive to high concentrations of soluble salts, and EC values ​​cannot exceed 0.5. Fertilizer can be sprayed with 25 ppm to 50 ppm fully balanced nitrogen fertilizer.

About 14 to 21 days of true leaf growth, developmental stage and hardening stage, the temperature is reduced to 18°C ​​to 21°C. Fertilizer concentration can be increased to 150ppm to 200ppm, and pay attention to timely pots.

Cultivation management

1. Transplant the upper pot to germinate. After 3 weeks, transplant the seedlings into a 33-cm diameter plug. After 6-8 weeks, transplant the seedlings into a 11- to 14-cm-diameter pot. Two transplants can improve the seedlings. Quality.

2. The matrix is ​​made of a loose, well-drained and well-breathed cultivation substrate, and the clay content is 10% to 20%. Coir fibers and perlite can be properly added. In addition, one and two kilograms of each of the fully balanced fertilizer and slow release fertilizer are applied per cubic meter of the substrate. The matrix is ​​required to contain iron chelates and micronutrients with a pH of 5.8 to 7.5.

3. Sunshine in sunlight plants, maintain high light levels. Plants should be given long days of flowering and growing seasons, 14 to 16 hours. The light should be filled during the cultivation process, from 20,000 lux to 40,000 lux. Filling light can shorten the cultivation time by two or three weeks, but the light needs to be interrupted at night. Insufficient light will lead to long stems.

4. Temperature growth suitable temperature 15 °C to 25 °C. If the temperature is kept below 16°C, the growth of plants is slow and the flowering period is inconsistent. Before the sale, hardening seedlings should be carried out to increase the cold resistance of the plants. Temperatures below 10 °C will delay flowering. It should be noted that the plants are not frost-resistant.

5. Fertilizers require medium to high levels of fertilizer, alternating application of nitrogen and potassium balance fertilizer (N: K2O ratio of 1:1.5), spraying once a week, fertilizer concentration of 150ppm to 200ppm (one kilogram per square meter sprayed substrate Slow-acting fertilizer). Avoid excessive ammonium and nitrogen levels. To prevent magnesium deficiency, one or two 0.025% magnesium sulfide can be sprayed. Control the pH value of the culture medium. If the pH value is higher than 6.0, the content of iron will be insufficient and the leaves will appear yellow. If it is lower than 5.0, iron poisoning will occur. The phenomenon is that the leaves have gangrene and spots. adjust. If iron is lacking, iron chelates can be supplied once or twice.

It should be noted that the blades are sensitive to cold water and should be poured with warm water (about 18°C) as much as possible. The stalks should not be wet, and if they are too wet and sprayed with high-concentration fertilizers, they will lead to lengthy stems. In addition, the dried substrate promotes flower growth. Plants need to be topped and maintain a sufficient spacing, which will promote plant branching and improve quality, but the cultivation time will be extended for a week or two.

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