Medicinal Plant Reed (Luga) Rust

Phragmites communis (L.) Trin. Alias ​​root, reed, reed. It is a tall grass herbaceous perennial. Rhizome medicine. With clear lung and stomach heat, thirst quencher effect. Most provinces in China are distributed.

Symptoms mainly harm reed blades. The summer spores grow on both sides of the leaves, and later produced a winter spore pile, oblong, scattered, dark brown. Leaves are chlorotic and yellowish when severe.

Pathogen Puccinia phragmitis (Schum.) Korn. Reed rust, said basidiomycotina fungi. The summer spores grow on both sides of the leaf, small, oblong, 0.5-1 mm in size, scattered or grouped, dark brown powdery; summer spores yellow-brown, obovoid, size 29-3418-21 (μm) Wall thick with thorns. The teliospore pile has more frontal openings than the back, scattered or herniated, oblong, 1-5mm in size, multi-synthetic streaks, up to 1 cm long, dark brown. The teliospores are oblong, rust-brown, 40-6516-24 (μm) in size, rounded at both ends, with a slightly contracted septum, and a stalk length of 90-180 μm.

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