Gold Baby Rose (The Four Wonders of Rose Dew)

Gold Baby Rose (The Four Wonders of Rose Dew)
Roses, bright colors, graceful, most cute. Roses in full bloom are the treasures of ornamental flowers, buds that need to be placed, and medicines in medicine gardens. Folks often use sugar roses to open water, sweet and delicious, but also qi and blood circulation; with rose wine soak, Shujinhuoxue, can cure joint pain. Since rose has such a high medicinal value, it certainly cannot be wasted. Using the world's most expensive gourmet Bulgarian rose varieties as raw materials, the essence of traditional and modern craftsmanship, refined and refined from the international flavor of natural pure water - Ginbo Bulgarian Rose Original, is the development of medicinal roses. The main uses of the Golden Baby Rose Original (Lulu) are as follows:
Moisturizing emollient, anti-wrinkle anti-aging. The direct application of the golden shower rose to the face or skin surface, and gently rubbing by hand, in addition to the sweet and pleasant rose scent unique to the Bulgarian rose flowers, it can also clean and moisturize the skin and eliminate wrinkles and stains. Delay skin aging, increase skin luster and elasticity, and promote skin hair absorption of nutrients.
Clear the halitosis smell, let the population teeth be fragrant. In the drinking water, adding Jinbao Hydrosol directly for drinking can not only immediately remove the bad breath, mouth and mouth fragrant, but also to achieve the body, blemishes, liver qi, blood circulation and peculiar effects. Throughout the year, both men and women are suitable.
Cool and calm, Yue has been pleasing. The original appearance of the golden treasure rose, with the contraction of subcutaneous blood vessels, relieve tension, play a role in moisturizing the body, balancing skin pH, adjusting the menstrual cycle and other health effects. Commonly used in love aphrodisiac, creating a warm and romantic world fairyland atmosphere. Apply, spray, bath.
Fresh air, dust and fragrance; fragrance fragrance, killing bacteria. Jinbao Rose Original Dew has a strong bactericidal and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory desensitization, is not only a good helper of clean and fresh air, but also kill harmful bacteria in a pleasant aroma, is the human body, bedroom, car and other small space The most friendly and warmest air in the room is “Xiao Jie”. Jinbao Rose Original is widely used in mid-to-high end hotels, office buildings, bathrooms, car planes and other small spaces, fresh air, can be used directly as toilet water, perfume spraying on the hair, clothing, shoes, hats and scarves, living room, artificial flowers, indoor Plant flowers and cars, aromatic overflowing, long aftertaste. Can also be used for mosquito bites, allergic skin, itching, anti-allergic and so on. For details, please visit the website or consult.

The sow through is our Honde brand of high quality sow raising equipment, made of high quality stainless steel SST 304 and featuring automatic welding technology with a thickness of 1mm to 1.2mm and the robustness of the sow through. The depth of the sow through is moderate, which allows it to contain enough food and avoid food waste. The size of the sow through There are many, to meet different needs, it is very convenient. At the same time, the edge of the sow through is smooth and strong, preventing pigs from being harmed while using it. the sow through makes it easy and convenient for your sow to feed, and sows that have used the sow through grow well.

Art Spec Thickness Material


455*370*230mm 1mm SST 304
1231 455*370*230mm 1.2mm SST 304
1233 530*390*230mm 1.2mm SST 304

Sow Trough

Sow Trough

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