Peanut feed characteristics

Peanut meal is the product of peanut kernels after pressing or solvent extraction. It can be divided into two types: pressing and extraction. Generally speaking, the pressed peanuts are called peanut cakes and contain 11.63 MJ per kilogram of metabolizable energy. The extracted peanut meal contained 10.88 MJ of metabolic energy per kilogram.

First, the quality standard 1 texture: good fluidity, can not have too much shell, stems, sand, can not have insects, agglomeration phenomenon. 2 color: light brown or dark brown, pressed peanuts dark color, extracted peanut light color. 3 Smell: Peanuts with pressed peanuts have aroma of fried peanuts; the extracted peanuts have a faint scent. Must not be sour, musty or burnt. 4 volume weight: 0.64 ~ 0.71 kg / liter.

Second, feed characteristics Chickens, adult chickens use different degrees of peanut meal, in the chicken's energy utilization of peanut meal is low, used in adult chicken is high. Therefore, try not to use peanuts for chicks, broilers can be used to 6%, laying hens can be used to 9%. The crude protein content of peanut meal is above 40%, but the lysine content is low. The pressed peanut meal contains about 5% oil, and the extracted peanut meal contains about 1% oil.

Third, the purchase of matters needing attention 1 peanuts can not have too much peanut shells, soil and agglomeration. 2 Peanut can not have sour, musty and burnt flavor. 3 Source selection should be very careful, can not buy moldy peanut meal, moldy peanut meal is particularly toxic. 4 The extracted peanut pods are of good quality and the quality of the crushed peanut pods is not stable.

Fourth, storage precautions Peanut pods are susceptible to mold, must be stored in a dry, ventilated place. It can't be stored in high temperatures and rainy seasons.

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