Feeds for raw and cooked feeds

In many feedstuffs for livestock and poultry, some are suitable for feeding and some are suitable for feeding. The two cannot be confused. Otherwise, it will not only reduce the nutritional value of feed, but also cause harm to livestock and poultry.
Feed suitable for feed
1. Silage: The feed is made by the anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms. It contains many nutrients, fresh green, juicy and delicious, and contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid, is conducive to digestion, and has a disease-preventing effect, suitable for students Hello, avoid cooked
2. Amaranth (grain pods) and sugar beet leaves: The feed leaves more juice, rich in vitamins, raw feed palatability. If cooked, it will not only destroy large amounts of nutrients but also produce harmful substances such as nitrite.
Suitable for feeding raw feed
1. Cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake: The former contains free gossypol, and the latter contains glucosinolates. These are toxic substances and must be fed after high-temperature detoxification treatment, otherwise it will cause animal poisoning.
2. Cassava and potato: They contain toxic compounds such as hydrocyanic acid and solanine respectively. These toxic substances can be decomposed at high temperatures and should be cooked.

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