"Listen" fault repair motor

When the agricultural motor runs normally, the sound produced is smooth, light, and even; if there are harsh noises such as screaming, dullness, friction, vibration, etc. It shows that the motor is faulty. First of all, it should be judged whether it is caused by mechanical or electrical reasons. The method is: connect the power supply, there is an abnormal sound, and then cut off the power, abnormal sound, still exists, it is a mechanical failure; otherwise, it is an electrical failure.

1 Abnormal sound caused by mechanical failure. The normal mechanical noise of the farm motor should be a small "rustle" sound, no change in height, no metal friction sound, that is, the sound of the normal operation of the bearing. Common abnormal sounds caused by mechanical faults are the following:

"Hush" sound. Generally speaking, it is a metal friction sound, which is caused by the lack of dry grinding of the bearing. The bearing should be disassembled and grease added.

"Oh, hey" sound. It is the sound produced by the irregular movement of the roller inside the bearing, which is related to the clearance of the bearing and the state of the grease. If the motor only has this sound and no other abnormalities, and the sound disappears immediately after the grease is applied, it is not a malfunction and the motor can still be used.

"In and out," sound. It is the sound produced when the roller or ball runs, if there is no other noise, and the sound is obviously reduced or disappeared after the grease is filled, generally it is not a fault and the motor can continue to run.

"Hush" sound. There are two possibilities. One is that the motor suddenly starts, stops, reverses the braking and other speed changes. The acceleration torque causes the rotor core to loosen with the shaft. The second is the sound produced by the transmission mechanism, which may be caused by the looseness of the coupling or pulley and the shaft, and the wear of the key or keyway.

"Hush" sound. It is the noise caused by the motor broom.

Periodic "click" sound. This is caused by uneven belt joints.

2 Abnormal sound caused by electrical faults. Stout "click" sound. Calling cows, mainly due to current imbalance, because the current imbalance will produce twice the power frequency electromagnetic noise associated with the load, is the main reason for the burning of agricultural motors. In this case, the machine should be shut down immediately and put into operation after troubleshooting.

"嘶嘶" or "噼啪" sounds. When the stator windings are in poor contact or leakage, a slight “click” sound is produced, and in severe cases, a “pop” sound is produced.

Mosquito cry. Stator winding ends are not strapped well or impregnated with paint. The entire stator winding ends do not form a solid whole, and individual wires are caused by the vibration caused by electromagnetic forces.

Start, stop and metal impact sounds when the load changes. This is usually caused by loose rotor cores.

Irregular frogs. There is an air gap or loose inside the core.

Metal dithering sound. Stator end iron chips open, and the open silicon steel plate vibrates to produce metallic jitter.

The oil has "three fears"

There are often some agricultural machines who have placed the remaining drummed oil smoothly on the corners of the walls and on the windowsill so that they can be added at any time. These practices are all wrong.

Automotive oil is used as a petroleum product to adjust its viscosity and lubricity. All kinds of metal and non-metal additives must be added inside. These additives all have “three fears”, that is, fear of water, fear of light, and fear of mixing.

1 afraid of water. After the oil penetrates into the water, the metal ions in the additive will dissolve into the water, discoloring and foaming the engine oil and losing its lubricity. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly eliminate engine leakage faults and prevent the cooling water from leaking into the oil pan. Keep oil from contact with water when storing.

2 afraid of light. Additives in the engine oil will be decomposed under sunlight, discoloring, thinning or even delaminating the engine oil. Therefore, the engine oil must be sealed and protected from light.

3 afraid of mixing. There are often some agricultural machinery operators who have added oil shortages when they are in the process of using oil. They do not consider whether it is a model or a product. This is very wrong. Different brands of motor oil. The variety and quantity of its additives are often different. After mixing, it affects the quality of oil and even causes a chemical reaction. Even adding a good oil is often not worth the candle.

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