Durian eating

Durian eating is not an easy thing to do because the eleventh layer of durian's skin is thick and has a thorny peel. It is very troublesome to use. For many people who first eat durian, many people will. He is helpless. In fact, it is relatively simple to eat durian. It is mainly to pay attention to the identification of durian while eating the durian. Because the identification of durian is different from other fruits, it is different from that of other fruits. Must pay attention to the natural durian is not mature, which directly affects the taste of eating durian, then how to identify some of the qualities of durian? Here's everyone to learn about the following knowledge.

Durian can not be picked, otherwise it will affect its maturity, fruit trees will also be damaged. After the ripening durian falls in the middle of the night or in the early morning, just pick it up. There are many types of durians, including gold pillows, gourds, and Kunbao varieties. Good durians can not contain too much water nor too hard, but are soft and moist with a touch of bitterness. The seeds of durian are rich in protein, fried or cooked and then shelled to eat. The taste is similar to chestnut, and eating can increase the physical strength. The durian is ovoid and spherical. It weighs about two kilograms. The outside is a woody hard shell. There are three or four seeds in each room, such as egg yolk-sized seeds. There are ten to fifteen seeds. The seeds are wrapped in an ointment that is pulp. Milky yellow. Sweet and sweet. From the epidermis can be understood the pros and cons of durian, where the thick and sparse tapered thorns are generally well-developed, multi-fruit, flesh thick and delicate; such as thorn fine and dense, then the fruit, flesh and thin meat thick.
In general, the gold pillow has four fruit rooms and can be divided into four. Durian nails above the full, if you want to eat some, you can pinch two adjacent nails, if you can squeeze, then it is more mature, or you can smell the handle, if there is some scent, then one or two Day will be able to eat. Look at the position of the handle. If it is refreshing, if it is not deep-headed, then it is naturally mature and can be chosen. Whether a durian is delicious or not, apart from the variety, origin, climate, fertilization and picking time, it is extremely important to cut open the food in a timely manner. When it is not ripe, it is sliced. Durian meat is hard and pale, and its taste is the same as chewing wax. It will not be delicious. Tap the durian with a small bamboo stick and listen to its voice to identify the degree of maturity. At the same time, we can use sniffing to determine whether it can be cut open. As for dry packs and wet packs, that is, if the fruit is dry or wet, pick up the durian and shake it. If there is a sound, it feels something is shaking and it means that it is dry. Good durian, pulp can not contain too much water nor too hard, but soft and moist, with a touch of bitterness. After the durian is eaten, there will be an odor on the hands, which can be removed by washing with a durian shell. Although the durian is delicious, but can not eat too much at a time, otherwise easily lead to hot body, and its rich nutrition will also be caused by the stomach can not be completely absorbed and get angry. The way to eliminate heat is to eat durian while drinking a little salty water or eat more water to balance fruits, pears, watermelons are a good choice. However, the best partner for durians is the mangosteen, known as the Queen of Fruits. Only it can easily reduce the anger of the King of Fruits and protect the body from damage.

About some of the methods of eating durian, we must simply understand, for the method of selection of durian, we must remember that when picking durian must pay attention to some of the above considerations.


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