Hand, foot and hyperhidrosis

Hand, foot and hyperhidrosis In the exam room where every minute counts, when everyone is struggling to write a book, some people have to waste time wiping their sweat so as not to wet the test paper; they need to help their guests with services that require hands, such as beauty, haircuts, and skincare. A wet sweaty is a disgust to the guests; when others extend their warm palms and want to shake hands with you, you must first consider whether to hand out the wet and cold hands; these are the problems caused by the hand sweat syndrome. Patients with hand sweat syndrome often have different kinds of burdens on their studies, social activities and work. In the past, we have taken a negative attitude toward the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Nowadays, medical advancement has led people to pay more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, people who treat hand sweat syndrome are more active than before, and the age group also has a tendency to decline. Based on common people's doubts about the treatment of hand sweat syndrome, this article summarizes the long-questioned questions and gives everyone a better understanding of the sweat syndrome.

Hyperhidrosis is caused by excessive sweating of the patient, due to excessive secretion of perspiration from the eccrine glands.

The cause of systemic hyperhidrosis may be an abnormal physiological reaction, or one of the symptoms of certain diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes and the like. Local hyperhidrosis can be due to sympathetic nerve damage or abnormal reaction, increased secretion of choline acetate, resulting in excessive secretion of sweat sweat glands.

The clinical manifestations include systemic and limited local hyperhidrosis. The systemic hyperhidrosis often has moist skin and paroxysmal sweating. Local sweating is common in the palms, ankles, armpits, followed by the nose, forehead, genitals, etc., mostly in adolescents, patients often accompanied by peripheral blood circulation dysfunction, such as hand-foot skin clammy, bruising or pale, prone to frostbite Wait. Feet sweating due to poor evaporation of sweat, resulting in foot impregnation whitish epidermis, often accompanied by foot odor. When the armpits and genitals are sweating, due to the thin and tender skin of the skin, it is often wet and rubbed, and it is prone to erythema and rubbing, folliculitis, and blepharospasm.

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