The Ministry of Health promises that the cost of personal visits within 5 years will not exceed 30%

Zhang Mao, secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health, revealed in an interview with the media recently that China will gradually reduce the proportion of individuals who bear medical expenses, and plans to reduce the proportion of personally sponsored medical expenses to less than 30% by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. Reach international standards.

In an interview with reporters, Zhang Mao made an overall assessment of the situation in the implementation of the reform of the medical system over the past year. He said that since the start of the medical reform more than a year ago, governments at all levels have invested more than 5,000 billion yuan, and many reform measures have been put in place one after another. “Difficulty in visiting the doctor” and “expensive to see the doctor” have been eased to some extent, but the expectations of the people have also remained. There is a certain distance. At present, some people's medical experience has not been greatly improved. We will continue to improve the concrete measures for medical reforms and relieve the problems of “difficulty in seeing a doctor and expensive medical treatment” as soon as possible.

From the start of the medical reform work to the end of last year, financial input at all levels has increased by 30%, of which the central government has invested 40%. Statistics and monitoring data show that medical reforms have increased the coverage of the basic medical security system, which has greatly reduced the phenomenon of “reducing poverty due to illness”. As of September of this year, 832 million farmers have participated in the new rural cooperative medical system, with a coverage rate of 95.9% or more. The goal has been achieved ahead of schedule; the per capita funding standard has reached 154 yuan, and the in-patient reimbursement rate has reached 60%. Nearly 24% of the “New Rural Cooperative” counties carried out pilot projects to improve the level of medical insurance for rural children with leukemia and congenital heart diseases; 1352 children with congenital heart disease in 12 provinces and districts were treated for treatment, with a total compensation of 220.63 million yuan; 150 Children with leukemia received 1.14 million yuan in compensation for medical expenses.

Zhang Mao emphasized that with the continuous deepening of various reforms, the interest pattern has begun to adjust, the difficulty and complexity of reforms have gradually emerged, and difficulties and challenges have arisen in the course of policy advancement. The current situation in some areas and some medical reform projects lags behind. Local governments, especially county-level medical reform supporting funds, are under greater pressure and some funds are allocated slowly, which affects the medical improvement exhibition. In some places, the complexity of deepening medical reform is underestimated and policies are not implemented effectively. He disclosed that he will gradually reduce the proportion of personal expenses incurred by visiting the doctor and plan to reduce the proportion of personally sponsored medical expenses to less than 30% at the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan," and reach the international level. He believes that the gradual reduction of personal burden is a gradual process. It is necessary to control reasonable medical expenses through the reform of the payment system, the strengthening of internal hospital management, and the implementation of a basic drug system so that the overall cost will not be excessively increased.

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