Survey shows nine adults have been diagnosed

Right now, many young people do not go to the hospital immediately after they become ill. Instead, they can use their own experience or search for treatments available on the Internet. Many websites have even appeared today, launching "online self-diagnosis" services.

Last week, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center through the People's Republic of China and showed that 91.5% of people had had self-examination experiences, and 30.0% of them had “frequently” self-diagnosis. 61.1% of people feel that they often have a lot of self-care.

Fan Yi, a sales manager of a company in Hubei province, frankly stated that he has rarely visited the hospital for several years. "If I caught a cold, I wouldn't take any medicine. Instead, I would go directly to a cupping jar and take a hot bath so that the body's coldness would come out and the cold would be half. Of course, when I'm sick, I'll judge for myself whether it's a minor illness or Serious illness, serious illness or going to the hospital."

What kind of treatment will you choose when you are sick? In the survey, 56.8% of people preferred “self-diagnosis”, 47.4% said they would go to a community hospital, and 27.7% said they might go directly to a large hospital.

"When people are sick, they always use the word 'experience' to judge." Ye Ye, graduate student at the Second Military Medical University, thinks that if he has a slightly older disease, he will not go to the hospital if he has not experienced or has no successful treatment experience. Take a look, so as not to delay, but once you have had your own medicine treatment experience, the next time you will not be so scared, you will use the last experience "self-diagnosis."

Today, the relatives and friends of Ye Ye often consult her about the condition. She found that many people like the reason for self-diagnosis. On the one hand, they want to know their condition in general so as not to fully communicate with doctors within a very short period of time. On the other hand, some people worry that doctors will indiscriminately prescribe medicines. The ingredients and the prices of the medicines produced by different manufacturers are different, but the right to decide what medicine to start is mainly in the hands of doctors. Therefore, some patients hope to first self-diagnosis and understand the relevant situation, so as to avoid being more passive when prescribing medicine.”

"There are people who are afraid of some pain tests." Ye Ye said that, for example, abdominal pain constipation, doctors for insurance purposes, will generally go up to do colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a very painful examination, although it can now be used to relieve analgesic pain, but many people still feel that it can be avoided.

"If you go to the hospital is very convenient, and fully trust, who also self-diagnosis ah?" Not long ago, a book company staff in Beijing Liu Xiaolei asked for a half-day leave due to throat pain, to a famous hospital in Beijing, "three rows In the hour of the team, the doctor saw less than 3 minutes and opened a medicine for nearly 300 yuan, but I hadn't had any effect after eating for a week. Later, when I changed to a hospital for treatment, I finally cured. With a minor illness, I may buy some medicine to cure myself."

The survey shows that nearly six adults (59.6%) believe that self-diagnosis is a helpless move for ordinary people.

What is the reason for self-diagnosis? In the survey, “the hospital is difficult to see a doctor” is ranked first (70.1%); followed by “a mild condition, no need to go to the hospital” (56.4%); 40.0% believe that “doctors are irresponsible, the effect of seeing a doctor is not obvious” .

The following rankings were: “People’s medical knowledge improved” (39.2%), “Buy medicine is convenient” (35.8%), “Medical information is rich, search is convenient” (34.4%), “No time to go to the hospital” (20.5%) and so on.

Zhou Zijun, a professor at the School of Public Health at Peking University, believes that the reason for the widespread self-diagnosis is that most young people are busy with work and have no time to go to the hospital for medical treatment. The awareness of community health agencies is also low. There is no trust in doctors' ability to practise and quality of service. In addition, it does not rule out that some young people consider self-diagnosis from the economic point of view. They think that buying drugs will save the hospital registration, medical treatment, inspection and laboratory tests.

“There is a risk of self-diagnosis and we must be cautious.” Zhou Zijun reminded the public that the disease and health status of the human body is more complicated. Sometimes the early symptoms of some serious diseases are also manifested as the symptoms of common diseases. It is difficult for non-professionals to judge. If you do not go to the hospital the first time, the patient is likely to miss the best treatment period. The medical information on the Internet is a mixed bag. Many of the contents are not written by professionals. If you conduct self-diagnosis based on this information, the risk is very high.

Ye Ye said that some cavities such as gums, gums, pustules, loose teeth, and bleeding gums can be completely cured not only by medication, but also must be treated by doctors at the dental clinic. In addition, symptoms such as cold and fever, due to different causes of the disease, are not the same medication. "The average person who diagnoses more is because of 'empiricalism', lacks a systematic and comprehensive diagnosis, and may be misdiagnosed. If he does not eat effective medicine when he is ill, the condition will increase."

During the survey, the public also had some concerns about self-diagnosis - 54.7% of people were worried about the high rate of misdiagnosis from self-care consultations; 33.5% of people thought that it was difficult to investigate medical responsibility from self-diagnosis and would lead to no rights protection.

Zhou Zijun suggested that people can search for medical knowledge from some reputable medical professional websites, but they still have to go to regular pharmacies to buy non-prescription drugs when they buy drugs. If the condition does not improve after taking the medicine, you must go to a doctor to do a professional examination, not to lose the patient's illness and delay the illness. (Wang Congcong)

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