Sludge valve structure characteristics and working principle

The mud discharge valve is used in the water treatment plant as a sludge and waste water in the discharge tank. The valve has an angled structure and an internal nylon reinforced rubber diaphragm for long-term use of the mud valve. The main parts of the mud valve are: cast iron, stainless steel and nylon reinforced rubber.

At the same time, the main dimensions of the mud valve (flange connection size in accordance with GB4216) are H: 125, 145, 155, 175, 200, 225, 275, 325, 375 DN: 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, Structural features of 200, 250, 300 mud valves The mud valve is also known as a cover valve. It is commonly used for discharging sludge at the bottom of sedimentation tanks in urban water plants and sewage treatment plants. The applicable medium for the mud discharge valve is the primary sewage. The temperature of the medium should generally be less than 50 ° C, and the working water depth is less than 10 meters.

The mud valve generally has the following structural features: the valve cover has a screw, and the water depth can be directly operated by the handle; the valve plate is tapered and arched, with self-guided, small opening operation force; the screw and sealing surface are made of tin bronze, resistant Corrosion and wear resistance. It can be used with the flashlight dual-purpose hoist for microcomputer control.

Ordering Information: 1. When ordering, the user should indicate the depth of the sedimentation tank (ie the H value shown) to determine the length dimension of the connecting shaft. 2. The operation mode of the mud valve is generally manual type. If the user needs to adopt the electric type, please specify when ordering. 3. The flange dimensions shown in the table are common specifications. If you need a special flange size, please specify when ordering. The mud discharge valve, also known as the cover valve, is generally used for discharging sludge at the bottom of the sedimentation tank of urban water plants and sewage treatment plants. The mud discharge valve generally has two types: a hydraulic mud discharge valve and a pneumatic angle mud discharge valve. The main feature of the valve is the use of a double-chamber diaphragm transmission mechanism instead of a piston type, no motion wear and long life. The mud valve product is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and a corner stop valve. The power in the hydraulic cylinder moves the flap to lift and close, so that the valve body passage is opened or closed to achieve fluid continuity. The piston seal of the hydraulic cylinder is an L-shaped bowl, which has good sealing performance and durability. The valve disc and the valve seat are soft sealed, and the sealing performance is good, and there is no leakage. (Discharge valve) It adopts electric two-position four-way reversing valve or manual two-position four-way reversing valve for centralized control, which is convenient to operate. The mud discharge valve is generally installed in the water company or other various types of pools and pools in order to remove the sediment in the pool at any time. The valve is composed of a valve body, a hydraulic cylinder, a piston, a valve stem and a valve disc, and the hydraulic cylinder is a liquid tool. The liquid acts as a power, and the piston and the valve stem act as switches. It only takes one minute to open the valve plate. This valve must be equipped with a manual valve or solenoid valve to remotely control the mud valve switch. The mud valve has strong sealing performance, flexible switch, convenient maintenance and long service life. Life expectancy can be more than five years. The mud discharge valve is a kind of angle cut-off valve type valve which is operated by a hydraulic source. Usually installed in rows on the outer side wall of the bottom of the sedimentation tank to remove muddy sand and dirt deposited at the bottom of the tank. The piston of the valve hydraulic cylinder is an L-shaped cup, which has good sealing performance and durability, and the valve sealing pair is also rubber sealed without leakage. Remote control is also possible through the electric 2/2-way reversing solenoid valve. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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