Analysis of the process of powder conveying and its metering system

Analysis of the process of powder conveying and its metering system

The powder project consists of mixing all kinds of raw materials and mixing them into semi-finished products and finished products through corresponding processing. It is generally composed of storage system, conveying system, metering system, mixing system, filling system and central automatic control system. Among them, the conveying system, the metering system and the mixing system are the main links of production.

As far as the conveying process is concerned, due to the uncertainty of the powder itself such as fluidity, bulk density, humidity, viscosity, particle size, and static electricity, the conveying process of the powder is not completely solved. In addition, some powder materials are also flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and other special properties, which makes it more difficult to solve the problem of powder transportation. This is also a problem that ties the technical improvement of the enterprise and improves the quality of the product. It will even affect the development of the company.

As far as metering ingredients are concerned, most enterprises adopt artificial batching and feeding methods, which are easy to cause dust to fly and pollute the environment, affecting the health of operators, and restricting the development of enterprise modernization. Widely used in the chemical industry, the combination of positive pressure conveying and counterweight tanks, although the conveying capacity is large, the conveying distance is long, the logistics can be continuously transported, and the object can be transported at high speed, but the blockage of the conveying pipeline due to the accumulation of materials cannot be solved. Phenomenon, at the same time, the quality of the pipeline is also very high, both anti-wear and anti-static, and the equipment is complex, cumbersome, difficult to install, due to serious wear and tear of materials and equipment, so the equipment investment and operating costs are relatively expensive . Relatively speaking, the screw metering weight method has more technical advantages. The screw metering device adopts a high metering precision, and there is no phenomenon of clogging of materials during the conveying process. It is a kind of metering and conveying method which is widely used in the food and fine chemical industries. However, the disadvantage is that the installation is inconvenient and difficult to clean. The method of vibration transmission measurement ensures large conveying volume and certain measurement accuracy. Because the equipment covers a large area, it is difficult to install, and the conveying distance is greatly restricted, so it is also greatly restricted in use.
How to solve these difficulties in the powder conveying process? Some professional powder engineering companies in the world mainly use positive pressure conveying + counterweight tank, screw metering weight + negative pressure conveying, and negative pressure conveying + batching tank process. The negative pressure conveying + dosing tank developed by Beijing Lemitt is a new combination method adopted by many foreign companies in recent years. It is linked with the negative pressure conveying equipment through the measuring instruments on the counterweight tank, and The PLC full-process control system effectively solves many problems in the powder conveying process, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, and low maintenance. With the metering instrument with high measurement accuracy, it can not only complete the tasks of precise metering and batching, but also effectively protect the environment. The successful operation of the system has played a very good role in promoting the widespread promotion and application of fully enclosed automatic batching and conveying systems.

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