Import 0.0001 analytical balance - use correctly, the result is more accurate!

The electronic analytical balance is an indispensable and important instrument. The balance fully understands the performance of the instrument and is proficient in its use. The 0.0001 balance is a guarantee for reliable analysis.

0.0001 balance use:

1. Check the balance and adjust the balance to the horizontal position.

2.0.0001 balance checks whether the power supply voltage matches (if necessary, configure the voltage regulator), and analyzes the electronic balance to warm up to the required time according to the requirements of the instrument.

3. After the Cohen electronic balance is warmed up for a sufficient period of time, the balance switch is turned on and the analytical balance automatically performs sensitivity and zero adjustment. After the electronic balance is displayed, the balance can be weighed.

4. When the electronic balance is weighed, put the clean weighing bottle or weighing paper on the weighing plate. KERN analyzes the balance and presses the peeling button. The 0.0001 balance will automatically check the zero point. The balance then gradually adds the substance to be weighed, one thousandth of the balance. Until the required weight.

5. The weight of the electronic balance is called the actual value displayed on the balance display when the mark appears in the lower left corner of the display.

6. Germany KERN electronic balance weighing should be removed in time to remove the weighing bottle (paper), 0.0001 balance closed the side door, one thousandth of the balance cut off the power supply, and do a good job registration.

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