The structure of the weighing feeder and its advantages

In the automatic quick-sorting system of sintered quicklime, the measurement accuracy of the spiral scale cannot meet the requirements of the process, and the spiral scale needs to be modified.
1. Spiral scale sintering quicklime automatic batching system adopts the weighing method of spiral scale. The spiral scale is connected with the double screw feeder. The screw scale runs at constant speed. The screw speed of the double screw feeder is controlled by the frequency conversion speed regulation to adjust the material flow. . When the system enters the working state, the screw scale transports the material from the double screw feeder and performs weight detection through the load cell; at the same time, the speed sensor installed at the end performs speed detection, and the detected weight signal and speed signal are sent together. Into the weighing instrument.
The limitations of the spiral scale itself
(1) There is a gap between the spiral blade and the wall of the spiral pipe, which causes a moving layer material between the blade and the pipe wall. As the working conditions change, the thickness of the "unmoved layer" material will also change accordingly. Due to the existence of the "unmoved layer" material, the material is randomly turbulent, resulting in unstable material speed;
(2) The spiral scale itself is a steel structure, and the vibration of the geared motor has a relatively large influence on the measurement accuracy of the material;
(3) The screw scale operates at a constant speed, and the spiral speed is usually regarded as a constant constant. In reality, the spiral speed is not constant due to changes in the grid frequency and load;
(4) The screw shaft and the spiral blade adhere to the material, and the material material is very significant, thereby causing the accuracy of the load measurement to be affected;
(5) Based on the above defects, the measurement accuracy of the spiral scale in the automatic batching of sintered quicklime can no longer meet the needs of actual production.
2. Fully enclosed weighing feeder The feeding mode of the silo is fixed under normal conditions. When the flow setting value changes, the speed of the main driving motor is adjusted by the inverter. Quantitative feeding, only the speed of the feeder changes, and the material load on the belt is always stable; but when the flow setting changes greatly and exceeds the speed range of the main drive motor of the feeder, it is manually operated. The gate is operated under the material load value of a new belt. The structure has no hysteresis, the speed of the geared motor changes, the belt speed changes accordingly, the feeding amount changes immediately, and the control precision is high.
Structure and advantages of fully enclosed weighing feeder
(1) The casing of the fully enclosed weighing feeder is a sealed casing welded by steel plates. The two ends and sides are sealed with a good seal for easy installation and maintenance. The components for transportation and metering are fixed at The two sides of the slot shell have good overall rigidity, which is favorable for metering;
(2) The tape is made of circular skirt tape to prevent the material from scattering;
(3) The electronic weighing bridge adopts full suspension type, and the weighing sensor has high precision and good stability, and has good temperature compensation. The load cell is installed outside the casing, the scale body does not need maintenance, and the scale frame has no material accumulation, and the possibility of zero drift caused by the scale body no longer exists;
(4) A head cleaner and an internal cleaner are provided at the head and tail. It can clean away the powder adhering to the belt and the outside, which can avoid repeated metering of materials and is beneficial to improve the measurement accuracy. A chain-driven scraper cleaning device is also provided in the bottom tank for cleaning fly ash and spilled materials;
(5) There is a plastic gate at the outlet of the feed hopper guide groove, which can conveniently adjust the size of the feeding amount and ensure the uniform distribution of the materials on the belt, so that the weighing accuracy can achieve the best effect;
(6) The seated bearing is installed outside the casing for inspection and maintenance. The main drive and cleaning scraper drive adopts a shaft-mounted reducer, which is compact in structure, reliable in quality and low in maintenance. The speed sensor is mounted on the large diameter tail drum, eliminating the error caused by the belt slip.

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