Zucchini greenhouse cultivation techniques

1, soil preparation. Zucchini root system developed, requiring water and strong soil fertility guarantee, Zucchini farmland should be fertilized in the fall, applying 3 tons of organic fertilizer per acre, to be planted in the following year, planting 7 days before planting.

2, varieties. Generally, the vines of the short vine type are very short and have a length of 0.3-0.5 meters. The most cultivated in Xinjiang is Algeria, which is early green. The two varieties are precocious and the female flower rate is high.

3. Cultivation of squash in nursery greenhouses generally requires greenhouse nursery. Bole area generally requires greenhouse nursery. Seeds should be soaked and destroyed before 2-3 days before sowing. The summer time for planting the squash in the greenhouse is from March 28 to 30. The planting spacing is 80 cm and the spacing is 50 cm.

4, management. The growth period of summer squash should not be too high, and it is controlled at 20-23 degrees during the day and 16-18 degrees at night.

5. The current varieties used for harvesting are all short-grained and short-grained, and the early-stage melons should be harvested in time. In particular, the melon should be harvested in time.


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