The first modern agricultural capital supermarket with Chinese characteristics opened

The modern agricultural capital supermarket in the Gaonan District of Shaanxi Province is supported by modern plant protection technology relying on modern agriculture. Its main function is to expand green plant protection, meet green consumption, serve green agriculture, and provide pollution-free products. The main transaction content is modern agricultural products. The company is headquartered in Room 319, Xinyu Building, Gaoxin District, Gaonan, Shaanxi Province. Modern agricultural resources supermarkets can provide buyers with rich brand products, guide users to scientifically control diseases and insect pests, prescribe the right medicines, reduce costs to the lowest, and the prices are transparent and uniform, and the varieties are varied. The original quality of products is not false, and the search and purchase are fast, like daily necessities supermarkets. The same as the self-purchase, flexible supporting technology to meet the needs of prevention and control. In terms of commodity distribution, supermarkets are strictly scrutinizing investment promotion across the country, and the types of new products (including pesticides, chemical fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural products) include the energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, production safety, and agricultural production safety stipulated in the latest national industrial policies. Membrane, agricultural machinery, medical equipment and other franchise licenses all three products). No matter where in the country the demand for suppliers, just a mouse click, it will enter the e-commerce platform Taobao modern agricultural supermarkets. (Ancient wood)

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