China's small rice processing technology

I. Technical content, production requirements and application status

1. Technology introduction: Currently, the rice processing area in China's rural rice production areas mostly uses iron roll rice mills, and it directly processes rice into rice by squeezing, pressing, and boring (called “rice-out white”). This process is backward, the rice rate and the whole rice rate are low, the nutrients in rice are reduced, and the quality is poor. With the improvement of the living standards of the people in both urban and rural areas, it is imperative that the grain market be liberalized, and that the increase in the rate and quality of rice products and their value added. The first is to increase the income of farmers; the second is to meet the market demand; in recent years, popularization of the small-scale combined polished rice processing mechanization technology has been popularized in the rice production areas, which is the “bare white” processing technology and welcomed by farmers.

The small combination of fine rice processing machinery and equipment is actually the enrichment of the more advanced medium-sized rice processing plant complete sets of equipment. The equipment is generally lifter, cleaning sieve, stone remover, husker, rice mill, polishing machine and dust removal ventilation And other mechanical devices. The device has the advantages of compact structure, small area, high degree of mechanization, low investment, low energy consumption, convenient installation and debugging. The equipment processing rice, the rice output rate of not less than 70% (compared with the iron roll rice mill, the rice rate can be increased by 3-5%), the grade of rice can be increased by 1-2 grades, and the nutrition of rice Less loss of ingredients.

The processing process is as follows: rice clean-up, debranching, grain separation, brown rice, layered grinding, selective classifying and sealed packaging.

2, production needs and application status. The promotion of small-scale combined rice processing mechanization technology in the vast rural areas of rice areas has proven to have significant economic and social benefits. At present, one is the upgrading of the equipment of the former specialized households engaged in rice processing, the other is the investment hotspot of technical farmers, one purchase is one hundred service, and with the transformation of the rural power grid and the construction of rural roads and the grain market to further liberalize, Technology promotion provides favorable conditions and its prospects are broad.

Second, the demonstration application of typical effects and technical and economic indicators

1. The expected economic effect of production and application. Such as the use of Nissan 10 tons of small combination of refined rice processing equipment, processing 150 days, according to the rice rate increased by 3%, equivalent to increase production of 65 tons of rice, according to per mu yield of 500 kilograms of rice, equivalent to 90 acres of land output, so it It is called "intangible farmland." The quality of processed rice is increased by one grade. The sales price per kilogram of rice is increased by 0.2 yuan, and the net value-added value is 300,000 yuan, which means that the farmers increase their income by 300,000 yuan.

2. Analysis of typical application effects. A certain farmer purchases 10 tons of small-scale combined polished rice processing equipment, with a purchase cost of 15,000 yuan, a new plant fee of 10,000 yuan, 1,000 tons of rice processed each year, a processing fee of 60 yuan per ton of rice, and a gross income of 60,000 yuan. Excluding electricity, accessories, equipment depreciation, staff wages of about 30,000 yuan, more than a year to recover the investment, purchasers have obvious economic benefits. Some people claim that "to be rich, rice processing is the way."

Third, the production of the application of supporting equipment and types

1, the classification of equipment: wheat combination of refined rice processing equipment classification: generally divided into daily production of 3 tons of rice, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons and other complete sets of equipment, users can choose according to local market demand.

2. Supporting facilities in production

1 Factory building: The factory building is mainly used for engine room, raw material storehouse, finished product storehouse and power distribution room. The user can determine the factory area according to the production scale, batch processing or sporadic processing. If it is on behalf of farmers, there is no need to build an ingredient warehouse for sporadic processing. The finished product storehouse only needs to build a hangar, which is generally around 60 M2.

2 Power supply: The power for this equipment is three-phase alternating current. The plant should be built near the transformer. If it is too far away from the transmission line, a power transformer matching the power of the processing unit should be re-installed.

3, the main technical parameters: Productivity: 500-1000 kg / kWh (depending on the different models)

Supporting power: 7.5 - 13.2 kilowatts (depending on different models)

Rice production rate: Indica rice> 68%, indica> 70%

Broken rice rate:

4, the main product type and scope of application: The main products currently promoted in rural areas, and the relatively large amount of products retained: NZJ-10/8.5 type and NZJ-15/15 type. It is mainly applicable to remote mountainous areas, farms, grain stations, township enterprises, and individual farmers.

5, small-scale combination of rice processing machine major manufacturers

Anhui Nanling Machinery Factory

Jiangsu Wujin Cereals and Oils Machinery Factory

Hubei Anlu Cereals and Oils Machinery Factory

Shandong Yutai Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory

Hunan Chenzhou Milling Machine Factory

Fourth, technical implementation points and precautions

1. Install and use strictly in accordance with the instruction manual

2. It is necessary to inspect the rice processed by the incoming materials, and the moisture content is too high to be processed; different varieties of rice cannot be mixed and processed;

3, pay attention to electricity safety, to install leakage protection devices;

4. Dust removal ventilation equipment should be installed in the processing plant to improve the working environment and maintain the health of the operators.


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