Soybean sclerotiorum prevention and control method

Prevention methods (1) Strengthen long-term and short-term forecasting to correctly estimate the incidence of this year's disease, and determine the reasonable planting structure accordingly. (2) More than 3 years rotation with grass crops. (3) Selection of disease-resistant varieties with compact planting, sharp leaves or leaf lifting, and good ventilation and light transmission. Such as Hefeng 26, Heihe 7, Jiufeng 3, Inner bean No. 1. (4) Drain the water in time to reduce the humidity of the bean field, avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizer application, and remove the diseased body after harvest. (5) Begin spraying 40% polysulfide suspension 600-700 times or 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 500-600 times, 50% mixed sulfur suspension 600 times, 80% more bacteria Ling WP 600-700 times, 50% acetaminophen WP 1000-1500 times, 12.5% ​​WF WL 500 times, 40% WP 10000 times, 50% HAI Wettable powder 1000-1500 times, 12.5% ​​weiweiling agent 500 times, 40% Zhirongling powder 1000 times, 50% compound nucleus net 1000 times. In addition, fungal king fertilizer 200ml per 667m2 is applied. 50% anti-mildew treasure 600g, 60L of water spraying at the beginning of the early flowering or early onset, excellent control effect.

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