Dragon's Bacteria (Toxicillin Copper) and Crop Disease Control List

Dragon's Bacteria (Toxicillin Copper) and Crop Disease Control List

Food crop bacterial diseases

1. Rice: * Bacterial streak of rice, Bacterial blight of rice, Basal rot of rice, Bacterial brown smut of rice, Bacterial brown spot of rice.

2. Potato: Potato wilt, potato soft rot, potato black shank, potato ring rot.

3, * sweet potato pod disease;

4, corn stem rot;

5. Wheat black ray disease;

6, cassava bacterial wilt;

Fruit tree bacterial diseases

1. * Citrus canker disease (including navel orange, orange, grapefruit, pomelo, lemon, giant orange, clam shell, orange etc.);

2. * Shatian pomelo ulcer disease;

3, pear root cancer, pear fire disease;

4, peach bacterial perforation (including Li, apricot, nectarine, cherries, etc.);

5, Apple root cancer;

6, pineapple heart rot;

7, axillary bud blight, cancer tumors;

8, walnut black spot;

9, kiwifruit canker disease;

10, mango bacterial black spot;

11. Fruit bacterial root cancer (including peach, pear, apple, chestnut, plum, plum, apricot, grape, etc.);

Vegetable diseases

1, * Bacterial bacterial wilt of watermelon, bacterial fruit rot of watermelon;

2. Solanaceae vegetable bacterial wilt (tomato, eggplant, pepper) soft rot, scab disease;

3, *Cucumber bacterial angular spot (cucumber, melon, loofah)

4, * cruciferous vegetables soft rot, bacterial black rot, bacterial black spot (Chinese cabbage, cabbage, radish, cauliflower, etc.)

5, * Bacterial angular spot of kidney bean (bean, lentil, cowpea, pea, mung bean, etc.)

* Bacterial Diseases of Kidney Bean (Bean, Lentil, Kidney Bean, Mung Bean)

6, * ginger scab (Ginger spoilage disease, ginger rot disease)

7, melon bacterial wilt

8, * pepper bacterial spot disease (pepper scab disease), pepper bacterial leaf spot;

9, radish black rot;

10. Onion bacterial soft rot;

11, lettuce bacterial spot disease;

12. Bacterial spot disease, sputum spit disease (ie, soft rot, rot disease);

13, celery soft rot;

14, konjac soft rot;

15, onion bacterial soft rot;

Economic crop bacterial diseases

1, * cotton spot disease, cotton root rot;

2. Peanut bacterial wilt;

3, rape black rot; rape soft rot, rape black spot;

4. *Soybean bacterial leaf burn disease, soybean bacterial spot disease, soybean bacterial spot disease;

5. Sugar beet soft rot, sugar beet bacterial root cancer, beet bacterial tail rot (root and tail rot), beet bacterial spot blight;

6, sesame bacterial leaf spot, sesame wilt;

7, * Tobacco bacterial wilt, tobacco leaf spot, tobacco wildfire disease, tobacco soft rot (air stem disease);

8, sunflower bacterial stalk rot;

9, sugarcane white strip disease;

10. Coffee bacterial leaf spot;

11. Pepper bacterial leaf spot;

Other crop bacterial diseases

1. Mulberry blight, mulberry bacterial black fungus, mulberry disease;

2, tea tree bacterial root cancer;

3, bacterial blight of jute;

4. Ramie blight;

5, kenaf bacterial wilt;

6. Bacterial leaf spot, Bacillary stem blight, and Milkybug bacterial black spot;

7, medicinal bacterial diseases;

8, flowers, bacterial diseases.

Note: * The main cause of bacterial disease. The plant protection expert recommended the control agent: 20% Thiobacillus (Lactococcus) suspension manufactured by Zhejiang Longwan Chemical Co., Ltd., diluted 500-700 times, sprayed once every 7 days or so, 2-3 times in succession, field control The effect can reach more than 80%.

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