Some misunderstandings about feed in pig breeding

Myth #1: After feed, the red-colored feed is a good feed. In the daily culture, pigs show ruddy skin at a certain stage of growth. The hair is shiny and smooth, which is indeed a fast growing performance of pigs. However, it cannot be demanding, and some feed manufacturers use inorganic arsenic preparations in large quantities in violation of this phenomenon. Pigs show skin redness after eating, but they affect the human body and the environment.

Misunderstanding 2: Pigs sleep well after eating is a good feed

Traditionally, pigs should be exercised properly, and large pigs should reduce their movements. Therefore, many farmers believe that it is best for the pigs to sleep after eating, and to reduce exercise will increase the growth rate. To this end, some feed manufacturers use hypnosis and sedation methods to promote the sleep of pigs, thereby promoting the growth of pigs. However, from the perspective of food hygiene, pigs feed on these feeds with drugs, reduce the movement, promote growth, but also produce drug resistance and drug toxicity to the human body.

Myth 3: Low-grade and low-cost feed can reduce costs

Farmers often consider the price as the first standard when purchasing feed. The lower the feed price, the lower the cost of farming. The requirements for livestock and poultry feed standards are different at different stages. In the piglet stage, the feeds often need to be higher. In the live hog shelf stage, the shelf-based pigs mainly use low energy and low protein while calcium and other trace elements are higher. The feed, at the same time, it should be noted that when using low-priced feed, do not use feeds with mildew and other poor quality, if this will be more than gain.

Misunderstanding 4: People are smelling sweet and rich in feed.

Under normal circumstances, the use of fishmeal and soybean meal more than the smell of the smell of the smell and rich flavor, but it should be noted that this is not the standard for judging the feed, we must pay attention to the inherent quality of the beverage, some manufacturers add in the beverage After the scented essence and oyster sauce, the feed also showed a strong flavor and a rich fishy taste, but the quality of the drink was normal.

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