Rex Rabbit Spring Reproduction Notes

First, develop a reasonable breeding plan based on the actual situation of each field and feeding management level, according to the conventional breeding method, that is, after mating the rabbits weaned, the rabbits weaning time is appropriate 35 to 42 days, breeding 4 to 5 tires per year . In terms of timing, it is important to step up breeding in the early spring to ensure that two babies are born in one spring. Good-quality commercial rabbits can also implement semi-frequent breeding and frequent breeding methods to increase their reproductive density by shortening the period of lactation. The so-called semi-frequent breeding means that the female rabbits are mated 12 to 15 days after childbirth, which can shorten the breeding interval by 8 to 10 days, and can increase 2 to 3 births per year. Frequent breeding refers to female rabbits mating 1 to 3 days after childbirth (commonly known as blood allocation), which can shorten the breeding interval by 20 to 30 days and reproduce 8 to 10 births per year. However, this breeding method requires a high level of feeding, good management conditions, and a great impact on the health of female rabbits. It is generally not suitable for continuous use.

Second, strict selection and selection of excellent male and female rabbits for planting purposes, requiring rabbits healthy and disease-free, robust, well-balanced, full muscle, hip well-developed, waist fat, shoulder wide and combined with the body, good body weight, Strong libido, good genital development, female rabbits have strong reproduction, nipples are more than 4 pairs, maternality is good, no food, bite and other evils.

Third, the rabbit structure should be reasonable Rex rabbits are generally used for 3 years, in order to maintain its high fertility, the entire breed of rabbits must be green, prime rabbits, should be eliminated annually about 1/3 of the old Female rabbits, at the same time, have to choose to keep more than one-third of the reserve rabbits as a supplement each year.

Fourth, to strengthen feeding and management must pay attention to feeding and management before and after breeding rabbits, scientific preparation of feed to meet the nutritional needs of rabbits and fetuses; do a good job of environmental health, keep the rabbithouses dry, well-ventilated, to reduce embryonic death and increase reproductive rates. For rabbithouses with low temperature and short natural lighting time, artificial light must be provided to ensure that there are 14 to 16 hours of light per day.

V. The best time for scientific mating and breeding of Rex rabbits is during the period of estrus. As the saying goes, “Pink is early, Black is later, and Dahong is slightly more purple”. In order to increase the fertility rate and the number of births of female rabbits, breeding can be performed by repeated mating. Commercial breeding sites can also use dual mating methods, that is, a female rabbit can be mated with two kinds of male rabbits continuously. The two breedings should be separated by 20 to 30 minutes, and the first rabbit must be mated immediately after the first rabbit is mated. The female rabbit is sent back to the original cage. After the odor of the male rabbit disappears, it is allowed to mate with the second male rabbit so as not to affect the occurrence of mating or biting the female rabbit.

Sixth, induced aphrodisiac In order to improve the reproductive rate of female rabbits, we must implement artificial induced aphrodisiac on the basis of improving feeding and management conditions, eradicating reproductive system diseases, and reducing stress, so as to promote their estrus and timely breeding.

VII. Paying attention to fetusing The pregnancy of a female rabbit 10 to 20 days is a crucial period for fetal miscarriage. It is necessary to strengthen the care for pregnant female rabbits and improve the measures for fetal miscarriage: (1) The female rabbits should be protected from accidental disturbances such as loud noises, chasing by male rabbits, and visits by outsiders. (b) Ensure that the rabbit body is healthy and disease-free. (3) To ensure moderate nutrition, the nutrient level of feed must be high and the volume should be small 15 days before the pregnancy of the female rabbit. The volume should be small, but the dosage should not be increased. It is necessary to increase the feed by 1% per day after 13 days of pregnancy, and then reduce the concentrate by 2 days after birth. %, increase the amount of green feed. (D) refused to feed moldy, rotten, frozen feed and drinking ice water. (5) Female rabbits with precursors of miscarriage were found to be intramuscularly injected with progesterone 15 mg. If a large number of female rabbits have a miscarriage, they should promptly identify the reasons and take remedial measures.

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