Egg Food Nutrition Milk

Milk consumption in large and medium-sized cities in China is currently rising. However, experts say that in terms of input and output, China should promote more food for eggs. “Advocacy for a glass of milk every day should be advocated for eating one egg a day.” Experts believe that it is best to eat 1 or 2 eggs per person per day.

China is the largest egg-producing country and has a long history of egg processing. The annual egg production in China is about 20% of the global total. As an international metropolis, Shanghai has an annual consumption of 150,000 tons of egg products. However, today's egg products are getting richer in China, but the value of eggs is underestimated. Recently, the price of eggs on the market, 500 grams of eggs is only equivalent to the price of 2 cups of pure milk, 500 grams of eggs can meet a person's nutritional needs for a week. Egg protein, vitamin A, and calcium levels are 4.8, 8.2, and 1.2 times that of milk, respectively. Shanghai egg industry professionals emphasized that the nutritional indicators of eggs and duck are no less than milk. Under the actual conditions in China, people in China should eat more eggs.

Experts in related areas said that eggs, whether eggs or duck eggs, are an ideal natural "supplement." The latest research results on egg products at home and abroad show that the carotene content per hundred grams of red egg yolk reaches 2500-3000 μg, while carotene has a good inhibitory effect on liver cancer, and biological experiments have also verified this. At the same time, studies on egg products in the United States and other countries have found that women who eat more eggs can achieve breast cancer prevention. In addition, the anti-fatigue and cosmetic effects of egg products are very obvious.