What are the characteristics of health food

On March 15, 1996, the Ministry of Health issued the "Measures for the Management of Health Foods," which stipulates that "health (functional) foods are a type of food that has the generality of general foods, can regulate the functions of the human body, and is suitable for consumption by certain people, but not For the purpose of treating diseases."

Health food has the following characteristics:

1, health food is food. First of all, after eating, it has a nutritional effect on the human body, followed by safety. The raw materials and food additives selected for the health food must comply with the corresponding national standards or industry standards. Health food products must be subjected to toxicological inspections by designated agencies of the Ministry of Health, and no acute, subacute or chronic hazards to the human body can occur.

2. Health foods must be functional, which is different from ordinary foods. It should at least have a function of regulating the function of the human body, such as "regulate blood sugar", "regulate blood lipids" and so on. The function of health foods must be tested by the animal functional test, human body function test and stability test by the designated agency of the Ministry of Health, which proves that its function is clear and reliable. The function is not clear, unstable people can not be used as health food.

3, health food for a specific group of people eat. If suitable for high blood lipid crowds.

4. The composition and amount of health food must have scientific basis and have clear functional ingredients. The functional ingredient is the functional basis of the health food.

5. Health food should not only be evaluated by functional units specified by the Ministry of Health, but also must be submitted to the Ministry of Health for approval after the preliminary approval of the local health administrative department. Only after the health department has passed the examination and passed the health food approval certificate and batch number (Wei Shi Jian Zi ×× No. XX) can the health food logo be used before it can be called health food.