What are the ways of food adulteration?

Food adulteration methods are as follows.

(1) Blending Mainly refers to the practice of incorporating a certain amount of similar-looking substances in the food to replace the original food ingredients, and generally refers to the blending of liquid (fluid) foods. For example: sesame oil mixed with rice soup, vinegar mixed with free mineral acid, beer and liquor mixed with water, milk and other water.

(2) Contamination The inclusion of a certain number of non-identical substances of similar appearance in a solid food, or substances of the same type but poor in quality of food, is called incorporation. For example: flour mixed with stone flour, flour mixed with flour, MSG mixed with salt, glutinous rice flour mixed with rice flour and so on.

(3) Extracting Some nutrients extracted from food are still impersonated as components, and the practice of marketing in the market is called extraction. For example, after gluten is extracted from wheat flour, the remaining substances also serve as wheat flour sold or incorporated into normal wheat flour; after extracting fat from milk, the remainder is made into powdered milk, which is still sold in the market as whole milk powder.

(4) Counterfeiting The use of good, beautiful, refined packaging or exaggerated labeling instructions and the type, quality, and nutrient content of foods in the interior are known as counterfeiting. For example: fake milk powder, false earthworm powder, fake sesame oil, fake wheat milk essence, false glutinous rice flour and so on.

(5) Finishing, toning, and treatment of foods of poor quality or low in nutrients with pigments (or pigments), spices, and other non-use additives, as a normal food product, to cover up poor products The practice of quality is called whitewash. For example, cakes and non-food colorings, saccharin, etc.; cakes and pastries are made by crushing cakes and pastries that are out of date; and the rancid noodles, broken pieces, and scraps are soaked, crushed, mixed with raw materials, and made into noodles for sale.