Ten kinds of vegetables that few people will say

1. broccoli n.

It is a green cauliflower as it is commonly called. Its scientific name is cauliflower. White cauliflower is cauliflower; Cabbage is cabbage, the scientific name of cabbage, this is a variety of varieties that can be seen in the market.

2. asparagus n.[plant] Asparagus.

This kind of dish can often be seen in the market or in restaurants. The green stalks are the ones that I am most impressed with at the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant. The long beard is referred to as asparagus.

3. celery n.

Even if the first two are not very familiar, this kind of eating it

4. bean sprout n.bean sprouts, bean sprouts

A Chinese dish is a compound word, bean means bean, and sprout means sprout and bud.

5. taro n.

Shantou is a widely cultivated plant grown in tropical Asia. It is very common and very tasty.

6. eggplant n.

Maybe it's because the eggplant grows like an egg, so it's called this name, but don't be an egg dish. Another way to write is aubertine, which seems to be a bit of a hassle. The word also means purple as eggplant.

7. white[wax] gourd n. melon

Who dares to say that he hasn't eaten? However, there is no specific word to describe it, as if it is unfair, because it is produced in China, so it can only be described by two words, gourd is the meaning of gourd, I hope next time you eat melon when you do not have any psychological Obstacles! Similarly: the Spanish gourd pumpkin; the sponge [towel] gourd gourd

8. laver n. laver

The dishes used for seasoning, which are often bluntly eaten, are algae, although they are born in the sea, but they should also be regarded as "vegetables".

9. marrow

Long round things are very much in the shape of eggplant.

10.lettuce n. lettuce

I don't like to eat one, but it's still very popular. It's made up of the word sea lettuce.