Misunderstanding of farmer raising pigs

Hybrid pigs are reserved for breeding pigs: Some pig farmers believe that hybrid pigs are good-breed pigs, and it would be good to keep them as breeding pigs. In fact, offspring of hybrid pigs will have severe trait segregation and cannot be kept as breeding pigs. Granulated feed water and: When some pig farmers use granular materials to feed pigs, they add water to form porridge, resulting in damage to the nutrients of the feed. Feeding pigs with pellets is the correct way to add water after dry feeding. Defensive and epidemic prevention at the same time: Some pig farmers have plans to save trouble and prevent epidemics when pigs are castrated (castrated), which makes it difficult to heal pigs' castration wounds and reduce the effectiveness of epidemic prevention. Pregnancy in sows is preventing epidemics: Many pig farmers are accustomed to playing anti-immunity needles after sows become pregnant. In fact, prevention of epidemics after sows pregnancy can cause stillbirth and miscarriage. Treatment of superstitions An Nai Jin: When the body of the pig was found to be hot, he immediately injected a large dose of metamizole to cure the pig disease by controlling the temperature of the pig. It is not known that the side effects of ANXA are relatively large, and it is easy to cause anaphylactic shock in pigs and cause respiratory failure and death. Pregnancy sows do not have medicine: Some pig farmers think that if the sow is pregnant, she cannot be treated with medication even if she becomes ill. This can easily lead to stillbirth and miscarriage of sows. This practice often results in delays in treatment and loss of pregnant sows. . Immediately after the onset of a pregnant sow, the veterinarian should consult a veterinarian and ask a professional veterinarian for guidance when administering medication. Feed nutrition is not comprehensive: Some pig farmers do not formulate their diets according to the needs of the pigs at different stages of growth, but instead feed them, resulting in reduced feed utilization and extended slaughter time. The raw material is cooked and fed more than waste: the raw material is cooked and fed, on the one hand, the nutrients in the feed are destroyed; on the other hand, the cooked food must be dilutely fed, and the pig consumes excessive water, which affects its normal physiological functions such as digestion and absorption, and aggravates its kidneys. burden.

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