Tomato pressure vine control method

The pressure on the lower part of the tomato is mainly to prevent the seedlings from being grown long enough. Usually when the plant grows to about 40 cm. The pressure vines can directly overwhelm the stems of the lower part of 20-30 cm and fix them with soil. Under the premise of inhibiting the apical dominance, the characteristics of tomato susceptible to adventitious roots were also fully utilized. The root coefficient was increased, and the range of plant nutrient absorption was increased, which was more conducive to the formation of strong trees. The crushed vines in the middle are mainly used to regulate the balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Generally, they can be carried out at the time of 3 to 4 spikes. The pressure vines can bend or overwhelm the upper 20 cm vine. In addition to having dwarfed plants and regulating growth, the vines can also be adjusted at the same height to make the plants uniform and conducive to management.

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