Keeping the Silkworm "Seven Keys"

Keeping small silkworms is the key to winning silkworm cocoon quality, high yield, and increasing income. We must master the “seven key technologies” for raising small silkworms.

1, pay attention to ants and hair removal management

The dark protection of the green eggs: The day before the breeding, the capsicum was heated to 80F, and harmful gases were discharged. The wet/dry difference was 1-2F. After receiving the silkworm species, it was quickly transported to the small silkworm room for dark protection. Put a sheet of anti-dry paper in the silkworm foil, place it flat on the side of the eggs, scatter the eggs on the dry paper, press the ovum on the cover to fix the eggs, and then cover with an anti-dry paper. Cover the silkworm with foil and place it in the middle of the silk shelf until it hatches.

Receiving ant method:

1 Sang cited method: first mulberry leaves cut into thin strips, sprinkled in mats with anti-dry silkworm silkworm, the sensitized silkworm eggs face down on the mulberry leaves, 15 minutes later until the ant silkworms all climbed After mulberry leaves are peeled off, silkworm seed paper is peeled off and silkworms can be arranged.

2 net collection method: when receiving ants on the egg surface and then spread a small silk net, cut into thin strips of mulberry leaves sprinkled on the Internet, 15 minutes after the ants climbed the mulberry leaves, the top of a net To another silkworm foil with anti-dry paper, you can arrange silkworms.

3 Photoperiod: Spring silkworms are lighted at 6 a.m., and ants are accepted at 8-9 o'clock. Summer silkworms are lighted at 5 o'clock in the morning and collected at 7-8 o'clock. Sensitive when using 100 watt bulbs and silkworms oblique distance of 1.5 meters.

4 Notes for ant colony: Each foil is divided into two foil holders, each standard ant quantity is 5 grams. Each silkworm can only receive two batches. The unexposed silkworm must be completely destroyed; the ants can only be carried out in the morning. No ants may be accepted at noon or in the afternoon.

Loose-hair management: Within 24 hours after receiving the ants, the hairs of the ants on the body of the silkworm are called sparse during the period when the growth of the ants gradually becomes sparse. During this time, silkworm body moisture content and body weight increased rapidly, weak resistance to the external environment, easy to get sick or uneven development. Must be carefully raised, enhance physical fitness, improve the adaptability to the environment, and ensure sparseness. The temperature on the day of receiving the ants should be kept at 81-82F, with a dry-wet difference of 1-2F. After the ants were taken for the second time, Mulberry was used to disinfect the silkworm body with anti-pointing powder or disease prevention No. 1. Select the fresh Mulberry leaves from the top of the mulberry shoots that contain protein, water rich, and tender tenders to feed silkworms. Feeding thin feeding, do not feed every day leaves.

2, strict disinfection and disease prevention

The younger the silkworm, the weaker the resistance, so strict disinfection and disease prevention. After removing the ants, the silkworm body was disinfected with anti-stuck powder, from the 2nd instar, silkworms and silkworms were sterilized at the age of 2nd instar and silkworm shed or disease prevention 1 from the middle age.

3, do a good job of adjusting temperature and humidity

The requirements for rearing and moisturizing of small silkworms are mainly in the form of coverage. In order to maintain the freshness of mulberry leaves, satisfies silkworms to meet their requirements. Small silkworm can adapt to higher temperature and humidity feeding, but with the development of age should be appropriately reduced temperature and humidity, the standard temperature and humidity required for small silkworm: 1 instar temperature 81-82F, dry and wet difference 1-2F; 2 instar The temperature is 79-80F, the dry-wet difference is 1-2F; the 3rd-inlet temperature is 77-78F, and the dry-wet difference is 2-3F.

4, selected mulberry leaves

Small silkworms have fast growth and fast weight growth, so small silkworms need to select high-quality mulberry leaves with more water, protein, and carbohydrates to meet their rapid growth and development needs.

5, timely expansion of the seat, the silkworm to the mulberry

Small silkworms grow rapidly, and the silkworm body area grows fast. In order to avoid frequent infections of the silkworm body, they must be expanded in time. The small silkworm has a small range of movement, and has a short sensing distance to the mulberry leaf. Each time before giving the mulberry, it must be firstly homogenized and then given to the mulberry to ensure that the small silkworm is fully fed.

6, pay attention to protect small silkworm

Small silkworms are small and tender, and they are easily lost. Therefore, the mulberry should not be too thick and the temperature should not be too high or low. Expanding, sericulture, and sand removal must be done carefully to prevent damage to the silkworm body and loss of silkworms.

7, prevent poison

Small silkworms have weak resistance to harmful gases and toxic substances and must be strengthened. Avoid picking pesticide-contaminated mulberry leaves and feeding silkworms. For mulberry leaves suspected of being contaminated with pesticides, test feeding should be adhered to, and non-toxic food can be fed in large quantities. Pay attention to ventilation during sleep to prevent poisoning.

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