Aloe Vera Cultivation Techniques in Summer and Autumn

Summer and autumn season is an important period for the production of aloe. Datian management should focus on the "five preventions", that is, to guard against stagnation, prevent waterlogging, prevent lodging, prevent weeds, prevent diseases, and seriously do the following work: 1. The combination of work and fertilizer will promote the transformation and upgrading of the seedlings. Aloe requires a large amount of fertilizer and it grows well in sandy soils and in well ventilated conditions. Production should be timely fertilizer, fertilizers should be dominated by organic fertilizers, with the use of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer, can not use urea, ammonium bicarbonate and other pure nitrogen fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer should be based on the amount of basal fertilizer and seedling size decision. General seedling period of 667 square meters of human and animal dung 1500-2000 kg plus 45% three yuan compound fertilizer 25 kilograms plus cake fertilizer 20-25 kilograms Kai Tong points Shi. During vigorous growth, increase the dosage appropriately. For top dressings outside the roots, use 1% urea or 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 600 times Huimanfeng or 800 times Gaomeishi, alternating use. Combine topdressing, do a good job of weeding in the field, and work to prevent roots from falling. 2, improve the field water system, flood control and stain prevention. Aloe vera drought afraid, long time stains, root dysplasia. In the summer and fall of July-September, it is the frequent occurrence of typhoon and rain that can easily form a stain. Three and three trenches within and outside the field should be established to ensure that the rain will not dry up. 3, timely prevention and treatment of diseases. Aloe vera is mainly caused by black spot disease. This fungal disease is extremely susceptible to high temperatures and even rainy weather, especially in the rainy season. At the early stage of disease, use 75% chlorothalonil WP or 40% carbendazim gel suspension 600 times or thiophanate-methyl WP 800 times. In addition, snails should be used to prevent and treat snails in time. 4, shade net coverage. Aloe is happy and warm, but the summer sun will also inhibit its growth. It should cover 50%-70% of the shade net in time, or insert climbing crops such as kidney bean and gourd at the edge of the greenhouse to increase income. Shade effect, kill two birds with one stone.

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