Several measures to increase the survival rate of lambs in winter

Every winter is the peak period for lambs for lambs. However, due to improper feeding and management, the survival rate of lambs is relatively low, which brings huge economic losses to the farmers. Here are some suggestions on how to raise the survival rate of lambs. References: 1. Strictly do a good job of confinement and nursing work should be carried out quickly, so as to avoid cold and cold; timely broken navel and disinfection; pay attention to cold and warm. 2. Strengthen the supplementation and nursing of the lack of milk for lambs without mothers and one or more lambs. We use foster care, milking other ewes, or artificial feeding with milk. Placement of lambs; wipe the urine or milk or amniotic fluid of the ewe into the tail, nose, nose, etc. of the foster lamb so that it can be in a circle with the ewe. For lambs who are short of milk and have no place to foster, we practice artificial breastfeeding. The methods are: training, cleanliness, and determinism. Training: When breastfeeding with milk, pour warm milk into a basin, bend one hand into the basin with a clean index finger, and set the lamb's head with the other hand, so that the lamb sucks the fingers with milk, and slowly Tend to the surface of the lotion and make it drink milk. After two or three trainings, most lambs can adapt to this feeding method. When feeding with a baby bottle, the index finger is pressed into the entrance cavity from the side to gently press the tongue, and the teat is squeezed into the mouth from the other side and a small amount of milk is squeezed to allow it to swallow. Cleaning: After the lamb eats milk, the residual milk around the mouth is wiped with a towel, and the feeding utensils should be cleaned. Si Ding: A certain time, the first to 20 days of age, regular feeding 4 times a day, after 20 days of age, feeding 2 to 3 times a day; two quantitative, the first few days of 200 ml / only after the discretion of the lamb according to the weight and health conditions Increase and decrease; three constant temperature, milk temperature is 38 °C ~ 42 °C; four qualitative, milk must be clean, fresh, not degenerate. 3. Strengthen the cultivation of lambs during lactation and weaning The lambs begin to adjust feed intake 7 to 10 days after birth. With the increase of age, only breast milk can not meet the nutritional needs of the lamb's growth and development. It is necessary to tune and eat forage as early as possible to stimulate the rapid development of the stomach, so that the non-dairy nutrient can be used earlier to meet the growth and development of the lamb. 10 to 15 days make up forage. The grass is mainly made of high-quality hay, green and micro-grass forages; fine material, crude protein content is above 20%, and cornmeal, bran, fried soybean powder and fish meal are the main ingredients, and salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate or bone meal is properly added. And trace mineral additives. When the concentrate feed is fed with boiled water, it is mixed with sand and has a scent, which is easy to eat and conducive to digestion and absorption.

   Product Dimesnion: 5.7" x 3.7" /14.5cmx9.5cm

   Mask Fabric Material: 3-ply material,100% polypropelyne

   Ear Loop Material: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane

   when to use: suitable for kids to use daily in a variety of settings such as home, outdoors and school

   packaging: 10 pcs of mask in one sealed printed plastic bag to ensure hygiene or 50ps per box

   certification/standard: GB/T 38880-2020(China children disposable mask standard) and FDA registered

   about the manufacturer: Kapanou is china-based healthcare company

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