Cucumber grafting interface rot, plastic control

In general, diseases that can infect cucumber shoots and grafts on the ground include root rot, blight, wilt, epidemic, and sclerotia. From the current situation of cucumber stem damage, there are two main situations:

1, water immersion, softening contracture, severe skin intact, internal rot odor, microtubule bundles do not change color, occur in the vicinity of the graft interface; 2, infestation graft interface, out of amber or white jelly.

The first case is mainly due to diseases, which can be combined with spraying and irrigation. Optional agents: Cobo, Methron, Bacteriostasis, etc., in addition to mixed with bacterial agents. The second case is mainly caused by the infestation of blight and blight. The white stem bristles, blight, usually appear as amber gums. Bacterial blight optional agents: Baike, prochloraz, Fuxing, triadimefon and other agents; blight control mainly to take root, optional agents: double effect Ling, synergistic carbendazim, methyl bromide Phosphorus, agricultural anti-120, potassium permanganate and other agents.

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