Applying apple fertilizer before flowering in spring

1, according to the needs of the plant to give enough fertilizer and water, apply fertilizer on the basis of the application of organic fertilizer, in order to meet fruit tree flowering, fruit setting and new shoot growth nutrient requirements. The amount of topdressing can be determined by soil, tree vigor, age, and yield. Generally, the young saplings on fertile soil do not top-dress, and the weak saplings on thin-soiled soils may be top-dressed in a small amount, spraying new high-fat membranes at the right time, greatly increasing pesticides. Effective ingredient rate. In the middle to late March and early April, watering is combined with topdressing. Because the temperature is still low at this time, the amount of irrigation should not be too large, so as not to reduce the temperature and affect the development of the root system. For those orchards that had not conceived frozen water in the past, they should be watered in time and sprayed with general tree maintenance (calling trees wake up earlier) to facilitate the germination, flowering and fruit setting of the fruit trees.

2, before the flower cut, is to correct winter shear errors and make up for the weather, mechanical damage and other damage to the original winter cut tree effective measures. This measure can adjust the proportion of flower buds and leaf buds and coordinate the relationship between growth and results. For the newly emerged saplings, flower buds should be retained as much as possible to alleviate the vegetative growth; for the young tree of the fruit period, flower buds should also be retained to obtain a certain amount of yield; for the fruity saplings, flower buds should be The proportion of leaf buds and buds is 1:3 to 1:2, and flower buds are strictly controlled. The unbalanced forces of the backbone trees and branches can be adjusted by the difference in the amount of preserved flowers. The strong ones should spend more time on the flowers and the weaker ones should spend less on the flowers. It should be noted that, apple flowering often encounters low temperature, strong wind and late frost hazards, affect normal pollination and fruit setting, should be more appropriate to spend flower buds, fruit thinning after fruiting, after trimming the wound smear anti-corrosion film to make the wound heal quickly.

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