Summer broilers can not be sunbathing

After the summer, the north was hot every day. Many chicken farmers like to put their chicks in the yard to enjoy the sun, which is intended to promote the growth and development of chickens. In fact, this approach is very dangerous and undesirable. I do not know cooked, this will often kill the chicken in a short time. A few years ago, a farmer surnamed Lu in a certain place, in a sunny and beautiful morning, sent 100 chicks that had just been taken back for several days to the sun in the courtyard, leaving a bag of cigarettes. Time, out of a look, more than half of the dead chickens have died, 58 have died, and 16 have hairpins. Their eyes are closed, their heads are constricted, their wings are drawn, and they are already alive and in danger. There are only 24 left to be better. Such a chicken has already collected a dozen of dollars. In his words, this is called the "Golden Rooster" and the economic loss is so great that one cannot prevent it.

Because the chicks are young, the feathers are not abundant, and the keratinizing layer of the dermis is poorly protected. The chicken's thermoregulation system is also very fragile and has low resistance to heat stress. Besides, the chicks are not adapted to the external environment. The chicks were not able to fully adapt to the new environment and they suddenly encountered sun exposure. The chickens were easily burned by sunlight. Especially when the outside temperature is above 35°C, the bird body is hindered from radiating and convectively dissipating heat. Especially in the case where the chicken does not have sweat glands, the chicken's heat evaporation and exhalation of hot air are also greatly affected. When the heat of the chicken is difficult, the heat accumulates in the chicken. If the chicken is active, the calorific value of the body will increase, and the calorie will accumulate more. When the heat exceeds the limit of tolerance of the chicken body, it will be prone to sunstroke. Similarly, on a hot day with little air volume, even in the absence of direct sunlight, in a poorly ventilated environment or in a chicken house, heat shots can be obtained. Both of these heat diseases are caused by the fact that the chicks cannot adapt to the summer heat environment. The condition is also the same, it is collectively referred to as heat stroke.

For mild heat-stroke chickens, they should immediately leave the high-temperature environment, shift to a cool, calm and ventilated environment to rest, drink cold water with salt, it is best to add ten drops of water or Jieshu tablets. For severe heat stroke chickens, apply cold water towels to the head, open the fan to blow the hair, and give an infusion. When you can drink water, it is best to drink oral liquid salt, the formula is 3.5 grams of salt, baking soda 2.5 grams, 1.5 grams of potassium chloride, sugar 20 grams, dissolved in 1000 ml of water prepared. For high fever, heatstroke, electrolytes, that is, thirst quencher, increase energy, but also to ease the heat stress.

In general, the heat stroke of a chicken comes quickly and often it is too late to rescue it. Even when you are raised to a young bird, you must enjoy the sun and you cannot sunbathe in the sun for a long time. Also, avoid going from noon to 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 3 o'clock. When the weather is hot, you can put the chickens in the stadium with shady shade. It is forbidden to expose chickens.

Ways to prevent heat stroke: In the summer, a good awning with good heat insulation performance can be used to block more than 40% of radiant heat, or to install a shade net. The size of the pergola must be determined according to the size of the flock, and the shading area can at least accommodate The entire group of chickens, 8 chickens per square meter is appropriate, in order to increase the cooling space, and give cool drinking water, you can effectively avoid heat stress damage.

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