How to prevent rose rot

Rose rot mostly starts from the roots of the flowers and stems. The rot phenomenon is related to humidity and temperature but it is damaged by ethylene during storage of roses. The entire branch fiber is lignified. The stem is most fragile and bears the gravity of the flower head. The most vulnerable to bacterial attack triggers the generation of endogenous ethylene to produce large amounts of nutrients for this hindered heap to accumulate a large amount of heat and accelerate the maturation and decay. Therefore, when the rose rots, the roots and stems of the flowers often appear in two to four days. valve.

The best way to prevent this phenomenon is to perform fresh-keeping treatment after rose harvesting to strengthen the lignification and growth of fibers at the flower stems and to prevent the production of endogenous ethylene. Roses are not harvested after harvesting. Fresh-keeping is also required after the flower shop purchases. .

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