Cleverly prevent vegetable herbicide harm

The use of herbicides in field crops is relatively common, which brings about good results for farmers and food production. However, the application of herbicides in corn fields has adversely affected the production of peripheral vegetables and other economic crops, causing phytotoxicity to occur every year. To this end, vegetable farmers should pay attention to the following points:

In vegetable fields adjacent to field crops, when pesticides are used to prevent and treat pests, brassin-lactone (YUNDA-120) should be added to pesticides to regulate the growth of vegetable crops and to prevent or alleviate the pesticides caused by herbicides. Harmful to good results.

If it is found on the day of spraying the herbicide that affects the vegetable crop, it should be immediately sprayed with water 1-2 times, and then spray cloud large -120 + foliar fertilizer (containing amino acid foliar fertilizer or imported urea) spray Whole plant.

Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, topdressing nitrogenous fertilizer, or compound fertilizer, and then spray the inducer-Fu Shi Zhuang 3-5 days later to ease the damage of crops and promote crop growth.

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