Non-pollution Ginger Early-maturing Cultivation Technology Covered by Shed Film

Ginger was cultivated in open field and tender ginger was generally harvested and marketed in August. Ginger was grown on a plastic mulch covered with a small arch shed. The tender ginger can be brought to market in advance in April, and it can supplement the vacancy of tender ginger supply during this period of time and improve the cultivation of ginger. Economic benefits. Guchang Town, Panchang Town, Rongchang County and Panlong Town. From 1996 to 2000, ginger cultivation was used to cover ginger cultivation techniques. The area has reached 4,000 mu. The harvest of ginger is started in mid-April and the output of ginger is 1500-2000 kg per 667m2. 8000 to 12,000 yuan, significant economic and social benefits. Pollution-free ginger products in pesticide residues, nitrate content and "three wastes" and other harmful substances should not exceed the standard, that is, to meet the requirements of pollution-free vegetables. Ginger film covering cultivation, planting time ahead of time, early harvest, ginger can be harvested after harvest a season of rice, the implementation of flood and dry rotation, pest damage is light. At the same time, it avoids the peak period of occurrence of ginger pests and diseases, and thus the application of pesticides is small. With careful attention to the selection of land, reasonable fertilization and other pollution-free vegetable cultivation techniques, the standards for pollution-free vegetables can be met. The cultivation techniques are now described below. 1. Select sites for site selection for water quality, atmosphere, and soil-free environment. Select a slightly higher terrain, deep soil, strong water retention, loose and fertile, near water sources, well-drained, no ground pests or land pests with less land. One month before planting, deep-dip, 60kg of lime, 2000kg of decomposed organic fertilizer, 100kg of plant ash, 30kg of superphosphate, or 60kg of TBS organic compound fertilizer. TBS Organic Compound Fertilizer is a vegetable special fertilizer produced by Chongqing Waldi Bio-Organic Fertilizer Co., Ltd. It has an organic matter content of 30% and a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of 20 to 25%. 2, the choice of species to choose fast growth, appearance of tender ginger, quality, crisp, less fiber, Chongqing white ginger and Leshan white ginger. 3, ginger selection and treatment selection disease-free, non-injurious large ginger block for ginger, each weighing about 100g, with 1 to 2 strong buds, white mouth with 40% formalin 100 times liquid Dip for 6 hours. After boring for 6 hours, use a piece of plant ash to cut the wound to prevent ginger rickets. All ginger pieces that are discolored, watery, and easily peel off from the epidermis have been found to be diseased and cannot be used as a ginger. Ginger can not germinate. 4, planting planting in mid-February, planting before the application of base fertilizer, per 667m2 decomposed manure animal manure 5000kg, plant ash 100kg, superphosphate 20kg, or apply TBS organic compound fertilizer 50kg, water appropriate, applied in the planting ditch. Precocious cultivation has a short growing time and a small amount of growth. The planting density should be larger than conventional cultivation. There are two kinds of planting methods: (1) Gardenia ginger is opened by 1.3m, laterally ditched, earthworm height 35cm, ditch bottom width 13cm, loquat bottom width 27cm, loquat width 15cm, plant spacing 15cm. About 10,000 plants are planted per 667 m2. Place the treated ginger block and cover it with 5cm of soil. (2) Pingyao ginger is opened by 1.3m, and the planting trough is formed after 15~20cm from the topsoil. The planting troughs are horizontally crossed with a spacing of 30cm and a plant spacing of 15cm. About 14,800 plants are planted per 667m2. Place the treated ginger seeds and return them to the topsoil. According to the time to market and quality requirements, choose a planting method. Gardenia jasminoides is high in soil, has a long rhizome, is relatively large in size, and has good quality, a slightly longer growing time, and a lower planting density; it has a higher density of planting, a shorter growing time, and is harvested earlier, but the roots and stems are thinner and smaller. 5. Cover the film immediately after the film is planted, and then add a small shed. The small shed is made of bamboo as an arch, covering 2 to 3 wires of plastic film. Membrane around the soil with strict pressure, compaction, in order to facilitate insulation, moisture. 6. Field management (1) After removing the membrane and colonizing, when the ginger seedling excavated the top membrane, the plastic film was removed and a small arch shed was kept. After the temperature has gradually risen, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the small arch shed and open the night cover to prevent burning seedlings or leggy. When the temperature rises above 17°C at night, the shed film is removed. (2) Combined soil fertilization, cultivating and weeding. Hibiscus hirsuta has a thick cover soil and a short growing time. It is not suitable for soil or a small amount of soil. Scorpion ginger should be earthed 4 to 5 times, with a shovel to gradually shovel ginger into the ditch, and finally make Jiangyan into Jianggou, ginger ditch into Jiangyan. (3) Apply top dressing 1000kg per 667m2 or 10kg organic compound fertilizer after top-dressing seedlings, and apply it once every 20 days. Spray foliar fertilizer 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, once every 15 days. Fertilizers should be dominated by basal fertilizers, and the last topdressing must be carried out 30 days before harvest. (4) Irrigation and drainage The drought in spring is more serious, and attention should be paid to timely irrigation to keep the soil moist. After April, there is more rainwater, and drainage should be taken care of to prevent the roots of ginger from rotting. (5) Diseases and Insect Pests Detection Ginger temperature disease strains, timely removal, lime litter, or irrigation, 5% bleach liquid, or 72% agricultural streptomycin sulfate 3000 times irrigation disease nest to prevent disease spread . The use of high efficiency and low toxicity, residual insecticides to control underground pests. Aphid prevention and control can be used 90% of the enemy white beetle 30 times mixed with wheat bran, rice bran or broken corn kernels made by the bait trapping, can also be used 1000 times dichlorvos spray or irrigation. Control of the ground tiger can be used fresh vegetables and sugar, vinegar, wine and enemies mixed bait bait trapping, can also be used 5% Suppository Emulsion Irrigation, or 2.5% of deltamethrin 2000 times spray. It is forbidden to use highly toxic and high residue pesticides. Do not apply any pesticides 10 days before harvesting. 7. Timely collection of tender ginger can be harvested from mid-April to June. The planting density should be harvested early and the density can be harvested later. Each pot of ginger reaches the ground with three seedlings, two underground branches, and a length of 15 to 20 cm, and can only be harvested when fully expanded. Early harvest, low yield, but the high price, on the contrary high yield, but the later, the lower the price of tender ginger. Should be based on planting density and market prices timely harvest to obtain higher economic benefits. The leaf stems and soil are removed at the time of harvesting. After cleaning and shaping, packaging is carried out to avoid being bumped or contaminated during shipment. After harvesting, sampling and testing, they are promptly sent to the market for sale.

Name: spicy fish sauce

Specifications: 180g

Shelf life: 12 months

Ingredients: vegetable oil, bean paste, pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, blue pepper, white sugar, Chicken Seasoning, spices, soybean meal, pepper, pepper, starch and so on.

Storage: Store at room temperature, protected from light, and refrigerate after opening the bag.

Fish Seasoning

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