Application of baking soda in raising pigs

Adding 0.5% baking soda to the piglet diet can increase feed intake of the piglets and increase the daily weight gain by 10%. The finishing pigs are fed 3-4 grams of baking soda per head each day, and the feed consumption rate can be reduced by 13%; before slaughter, Porous oral sodium bicarbonate can delay the slaughter of the pH value after slaughter, thereby reducing the occurrence of PSE meat and improving meat quality.

Preventing yellow and white lice: Adding 2% sodium bicarbonate to the diet of postpartum lactating sows can enhance the sow’s constitution, prevent yellow and white piglets from occurring, and increase the survival rate of piglets by 5%. For piglets suffering from jaundice, red peony and white fleas, drink oral rehydration salt solution (formula: sodium bicarbonate 2.5g, sodium chloride 3.5g, potassium chloride 1.5g, glucose 20g, warm water 1000ml), medicine The liquid is ready for use now, and it can strengthen the disease resistance of piglets and improve the survival rate by 10%.

Elimination of Aspergillus flavus: The method is to immerse 100 kg of corn in 200 kg of 1% sodium bicarbonate solution, remove it after 10 hours, and rinse with clean water.

Prevention of heat stress: Adding 250 mg of sodium bicarbonate per kilogram of feed in high temperature season can effectively alleviate the adverse effects of heat stress on pigs.

Treatment of poisoning: First, treatment of carbofuran pesticide poisoning. After repeated gastric lavage with 3% sodium bicarbonate, catharsis was performed with sodium sulfate and then 1% atropine was intramuscularly injected. In addition to the above measures, severe cases require intravenous injection of 5% sodium bicarbonate in order to maintain alkaline response in urine. The second is the treatment of nitrite poisoning. Garlic 2 crushed, add realgar 30 grams, 45 grams of baking soda, then add 3 eggs, lime water 250 ml, 2 times filling. The third is the treatment of pig cotton seed cake poisoning. Can use 5% sodium bicarbonate solution gastric lavage or enema. When gastroenteritis is not severe, salt laxatives may be taken internally; when gastroenteritis is severe, anti-inflammatory agents and astringents may be taken orally.

Precautions: Vitamins B1, B2, C and folic acid, antibacterial drugs and organic acids should be avoided at the same time; use baking soda should be appropriate, excessive will cause alkalosis, and reduce the amount of salt to avoid excessive intake of livestock and poultry The sodium salt; with trichlorfon to drive off parasites in livestock, should avoid feeding alkaline substances such as sodium bicarbonate, otherwise, it will produce highly toxic dichlorvos cause poisoning.

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