How to feed chickens scientifically

In large-scale chickens, chickens are scientifically restocked according to different seasons and different ages. Chickens not only grow fast, but also increase the nutrient reserves of the hens, thus ensuring that the hens start production balance and continue to produce. To refuel chickens, the first should be carried out according to the breeder's standards. Generally for the 19-20 weeks old chicken feed before the egg, also known as the transition material, the calcium and protein components of the feed should be increased than the young chicken's feed, the general proportion of calcium is 1%, crude protein is 16.5 %, when reloading, the reloading process is gradually completed in about half a month. For egg-laying chickens, it is best to change to egg-laying material when the egg production rate reaches 2%-5%. The calcium content of layer-laying chickens should be 3.4%-3.5%, and the crude protein should be 18%. When refuelling, young chickens reared in the summer with natural lighting tend to start late, and they may start restocking at 18 weeks of age; if they are wintered or reared with natural light, they often start production. Earlier, it can be reloaded at 17 weeks of age. The restocking of young chickens must not be directly replaced with egg-laying chickens, nor can they be suddenly reloaded. If you are eager to complete the reloading at one time, the composition of calcium and crude protein will suddenly increase, especially the increase of protein and the amount of drinking water. The body of the chicken will often cause diarrhea due to poor digestion and absorption. Therefore, to restock young chickens, the feed contains about 0.8% calcium, and crude protein is about 15.5%.

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