Autumn citrus fertilizer technology

1. An orchard with a yield of more than 3,000 kilograms per mu: organic fertilizer 2 to 4 m3/mu, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 25 to 35 kg/mu, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) 8 to 12 kg/mu, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 20 to 30 kg/mu. 2. Orchards with an output of 1,500 to 3,000 kilograms per mu: organic fertilizer 2 to 4 m2/mu, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 20 to 30 kg/mu, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) 8 to 10 kg/mu, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 15 to 25 kg /mu. 3. Orchards with a per mu yield of 1500 kg or less: organic fertilizer 2 to 3 square meters/mu, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 15 to 25 kg/mu, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 6 to 8 kg/mu, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 10 to 20 kg/water mu.

The calcium ore, magnesium, and sulfur in the orchard use calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer. Boron or zinc-depleted orchards, applying 0.5-0.75 kg of borax per acre and 1-1.5 kg of zinc sulfate, mixed with organic fertilizer and applied in autumn; pH

Diminazene Antipyrine Granule

Diminazene and Antipyrine granule .DESCRIPTION :Yellow granules.
Diminazene is indicated for prophylactics and treatment of babesia, piroplasmosis and trypanosomiasis. Antipyrine is an analgesic and anesthetic combination. It works by relieving pressure and reducing inflammation, congestion, pain, and discomfort. Vitamin B12 help the animal to recover and fight against anaemia.
Cattle, sheep and goats 3.5mg per kg body weight.
Dissolve the whole content of the sachet in 150ml of water for injection.
Inject 15ml of reconstituted solution for 300Kg of body weight by deep IM route.
Each sachet can treat 10 adult cattle.
Do not use in animals with known hypersensitivity to the active substance.
Dininazene has larger toxicity, can cause parasympathetic excited response. Excessive use can cause death. The product has a strong local tissue irritation.

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