Correct use of oxytocin when sow is difficult to produce

Oxytocin has excitatory uterine smooth muscles that cause the contraction of the uterus and promote the role of labor. When sows due to the low content of oxytocin in the body, uterine contraction caused by dystocia, oxytocin oxytocin can be used, but if not used properly, not only can not play its due role, but also may produce a lot of adverse reactions.

In general, when the sows are slow to give birth, some veterinarians or beginner veterinarians prefer to use oxytocin (oxytocin) for labor. The emphasis here is that the use of oxytocin has certain indications and cannot be abused or overdosed. If used improperly, not only can not produce ovulation, but will cause the fetus to suffocate and die, sow uterus rupture and cause unnecessary losses.

There are many reasons for the slow birth of a pig: There is a large piglet in the birth canal, and the pelvis is relatively narrow (especially if the sow is born or the obese or double-muscle foreign breed is pig); two pigs are born at the same time. Blocked in the intersection; fetal position is not correct; has been delivered for a long time, the sow is weak, uterine contractions are weak; the temperature in the delivery room is too high or the winter coal furnace caused by oxygen deficiency, carbon dioxide is too high, ammonia in the home too much.

If there is a problem of slow delivery, not careful analysis and birth canal examination, indiscriminate injection of oxytocin, more harm than good. Light, causing premature separation of the fetus and the placenta, or rupture of the umbilical cord before delivery, so that the pig lost oxygen supply, fetal suffocation died; In severe cases, if the pelvis is narrow, the fetus is too large, the fetal position is not correct (horizontal position), the sow will Causes uterine rupture.

Oxytocin induction can be used in the following cases: After the pig is born 1 or 2 heads, it is estimated that the sow has a normal pelvis size, a modest fetal size, a normal fetal position, and no problem with delivery from the birth canal, but the uterine contractions are weak, sows When anaphylaxis is not possible for a long period of time (the interval is longer than 45 minutes or more), oxytocin may be considered, so that the uterus enhances the contractile force to promote the delivery of the baby; in the case of artificial midwifery, the pigs entering the birth canal have been It is estimated that there are still sub-pigs that can be used when the uterine horns have not come down, and the placenta is no less than 1 to 3 hours for discharge of the placenta. If it is not discharged after 3 hours, the placenta is called no less than the placenta. Injectable oxytocin is available. Two hours later, injections can be repeated.

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